Iolite of Homeworld

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Iolite of Homeworld

Post by Secret Potion on Mon Oct 19, 2015 7:58 pm

[Picture coming soon.]

Name: Iolite
Age: 20,193
Birthplace: Homeworld
Gem Location: Neck
Weapon: Gem Destabilizer(can’t summon it)
Powers: Can manipulate her voice and volume of things around her.
Height: 6’3”
Weight: 169 lbs
Fusion?: No
Personality: Cunning, clever, and sarcastic.
Oddities: Very long arms.
Alignment: True Neutral

Iolite is the true definition of “neutral.” Although she uses lying, cheating, and bribing to get her way, she is a neutral force in the war for Earth. She spies on both sides, and gives information to both sides. She was banned from Homeworld for treason, but Yellow Diamond lets her come in occasionally if she has info on the Crystal Gems and Mercury Mist’s Demolition Crew.

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